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Wuxia going global: One studio’s quest to reboot the Chinese genre for a new generation

February 18, 2021 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST | Online

A read-through of The Adept comic followed by a panel discussion with Immortal Studios and a conversation with Jonathan Woetzel and Peter Shiao

Join SupChina and Immortal Studios for a live event exploring how Immortal is working hard to reboot the Chinese genre of Wuxia for a new global generation during a time of east-west division.

What is Wuxia?
The Chinese martial arts fantasy genre, Wuxia, has influenced pop culture and Hollywood’s most enduring hit movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Matrix and Star Wars. It is a literary tradition that has been a pillar of eastern culture for thousands of years and encompasses Chinese martial arts, fantastical powers, philosophy, romance and legends. Wuxia heroes are paragons of virtue and compassion who, through their prowess in martial arts and use of powerful abilities, are able to stand against injustice and champion the common person. While stylized and fantastic feats in unique Kung Fu combat is a major component of this genre, as symbolized by the word Wu (martial), it is grounded by the word Xia (hero) which speaks to the aspiration of the genre toward virtue and compassion exemplified by those who live by this tradition.

About Immortal Studios:
Immortal Studios is an original content studio dedicated to creating stories in the Chinese martial arts fantasy genre known as Wuxia. They are bringing this classic genre into the 21stcentury and introducing it to the mainstream audience by telling contemporary stories of heroism, fantasy action, kung fu, empowerment, and self-discovery while staying authentic to its roots. Immortal is creating an interconnected universe of mesmerizing characters and immersive stories based on the award-winning library of Shiao Yi, one of the foremost authors in the Wuxia genre, first through comic books and then expanding into films, games, and web/tv. Immortal’s crowdfunding campaign for its first comic book, The Adept, about a young Chinese-American woman’s journey to become the adept to an ancient martial arts tradition, earned more than 350% of its funding goal and was fully funded in less than three hours. Wuxia has been around for thousands of years, yet it does not have a dedicated global home. With a vision to modernize and elevate it and ultimately, to Awaken the Hero in everyone, Immortal aims to be the global home for Wuxia entertainment while bringing Asian faces and culture to global pop culture.

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